KDS Quantum - Efficiency Management System

quantumImproving shop floor productivity and efficiency is one of the most important challenges facing printing companies today. When statistics show that the average printing shop floor is only 60-65% efficient when measured against established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we should all be concerned for two reasons;

1. The profitability of our companies
2. The negative effect on our environment.

Quite simply the statistics show that there is a significant amount of waste and inefficiency in the pressroom, and improving this performance figure up to 80-85% would have massive implications for margins and profitability within your organisation.

The amazing thing is that this extra productivity and profit is just sitting there, hiding away amongst your daily production procedures and processes, just waiting to be discovered. It is hiding in your set-ups, in your run time, in your downtime and in your reel changes, and it escapes your attention simply because you cannot see it. It is called Inefficiency and it is costing you big time.

So how can you see this inefficiency? The answer in a single word: “Quantum”.

Recognising this visibility problem, Quantum Efficiency Management System was created specifically to aid front line print managers reduce waste, identify inefficiencies, improve shop floor productivity and help create an environment of lean manufacturing for printers.