iSeries Technology

Over the years KDS have maintained their commitment to providing quality and exceptional value for money. Today we achieve this using KDS's unique Visi-tech iSeries technology.

Whether your need is for a basic web viewing system or a highly functional programmable system to compliment a new high speed machine, the Visi-tech iSeries is an ideal choice for any quality concious printer. The superb high definition digital image combined with a high magnification optical zoom lens and exceptional viewing area makes the iSeries stand out from the competition.

Every part of the iSeries system is built to the highest standard and with the highest specification in its class, so you the customer, can choose from a selection of cameras, traverse mechanisms, controls, software and advanced options knowing that you will get a top quality inspection system that does just what you need.


High Definition Digital Imaging with world class Sony imaging sensors

True 1280x 960 progressive scan camera resolution

Powerful 18x Optical Zoom

Precision achromatic close up lens

Colour corrected high speed xenon strobe lighting

Large 130 x 100mm viewing area as standard

Robust industrial build quality

Variable speed motorised traverse (up to 300mm/second)

Square 5:4 ratio OR wide screen format monitor compatibility


In summary KDS's Visi-tech iSeries Technology allows us to offer an inspection product range that that not only offers the best image quality, highest reliability and simplest operation, but also the best value for money of any web inspection product in its price range.