Remote Monitoring


Remote Monitoring and Data Acquisition

Access to data from remote assets can be invaluable to businesses both large and small. Many people however, automatically think of large SCADA systems in power stations when they hear of remote monitoring but it does not have to be that complicated.

Kingston Data Systems can offer remote measurement and monitoring of almost anything.

If you have a water tank for example and you need to monitor the level in the tank remotely, KDS can help and make it easy for you. We can monitor that level 24hs a day and give you access to the level from anywhere in the world via a computer web browser, or any smart device such as a mobile telephone. We can even set alarm levels and set the system to send an SMS text to you if the alarm levels are reached.

Additionally, if the water tank is remote from power and an Internet connection then we can use GSM (mobile phone network) to collect the data from the sensor and solar power to keep it powered.

If you want to log historical data from the tank or any other sensor (or multiple sensors) then why not use our database to store the data. You can then access the data via a browser on your PC or smart phone, any time any place. We can present your data as graphs, table data, whatever you need.

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