Why do I need web inspection ?


Video web inspection is not a new technology and certainly not a passing trend that will be fashionable for a while and then fade away. The first video web inspection systems appeared on the market in the mid 1980s and you may be interested to know that Visi-tech staff were involved in the design of these very first systems.

Over the past twenty years video inspection systems have become extremely popular and common-place on web printing machines all over the world. The reason for its popularity and success is quite simple. The technology works well and produces significant benefits for the printer. If you're running a web printing machine and don't have video web inspection then you are probably losing money.

It doesn't matter what type of printing process you are using - flexo, offset, gravure or screen - if the product is being printed onto a continuous web then at speeds above 30 to 40 m/min the printer is unable to effectively examine the print quality by eye. Using a video web inspection system not only allows the printer to view the web at high speed, but with magnification up to almost 100 times he will be able to see detail and dot structures like never before.

Video inspection systems have been proven time and time again to improve the productivity of web fed printing machines and offer the user a remarkably fast return on their investment. Use of a video web inspection system will provide the user with the following benefits:

Faster running speeds

Due to the fact that the printer is able to use the video inspection system to view any part of the web in great detail, he will be able to run the job as fast as the machine will allow, significantly reducing production time and increasing productivity.

Reduced set-up times

VUsing the high magnification of a video inspection system the printer is able to concentrate on specific regions of interest such as a register mark and view this in great detail on the monitor. As the press is being set up and adjusted for register the progress can be clearly seen in real time on the inspection system and the set-up can be reduced significantly.

Reduced waste

Using features such as Dynamic Scan, print defects can be quickly identified and remedied before too much waste is produced. With expensive substrates reduction in waste can offer very significant savings.

Improved product quality and customer satisfaction

Apart from the immediate savings made by improving set-up times, running speeds and reducing waste, there are additional benefits that can be seen through improved quality and customer satisfaction. By identifying defects more efficiently, quality will be improved with less defects finding their way to the customer. Additionally the improved efficiency and reduced manufacturing time will also provide a better service and improved customer satisfaction.

In summary a printer running a web press equipped with video web inspection will produce superior quality and will be more productive than a printer on a press without video web inspection - and that means the press will be more profitable.