Quantum Benefits


Quantum Benefits

The benefits that your company can obtain from using Quantum EMS will vary depending how the system is used, but the following list shows just some of the ways in which you company can benefit from Quantum.

  • Reduction in material waste
  • Reduction in make ready times
  • Reduction in lost time
  • Higher running speeds
  • Identification of common machine problems
  • Identification of poor quality materials
  • Identification of inefficient jobs
  • Improvement in machine utilisation
  • Increased productivity awareness
  • Identification of where training is required
  • Improved costing
  • Improved estimating
  • Elimination of manual data collection
  • Elimination of written timesheets
  • Elimination of entering data into spreadsheets
  • Standard system across departments and plants

Increased productivity and higher profits

All these benefits lead to an overall increase in productivity and an increase in profits, but additionally your company may benefit from increased customer confidence. Improved customer confidence comes from your high level of manufacturing control and your consideration for the environment due to the reduction in waste material and energy.

Ultimately the benefits of using Quantum can be enormous and are totally in your hands.

Return on investment

As with benefits, return on investment is largely in your hands. It varies from plant to plant and the way in which the information Quantum presents is acted upon. As a guideline we normally ask customers to estimate the savings to be made from just one or two percent annual waste material reduction, and the cost saving of just half an hour per machine per day. Then add to those savings the annual cost of manual data collection and the time spent entering that data into a computer and formatting reports.

In almost every case, using the above estimates we have come up with a return on investment of less than six months and very often three to four months.