Quantum Platforms

Quantum-System-IllustrationQuantum Platforms

At the heart of Quantum EMS is a robust SQL Server Database and Web Server. The architecture of the system allows this Server to be located anywhere in the world and therefore offers two possibilities for installation.

Quantum Enterprise

For companies that wish to keep the Server local in their own premises, and close to the Data Collection Terminals, Quantum Enterprise is the best solution. Connection of the DCTs to the Server on the Local Area Network provides fastest and most reliable data collection, while the locality of the Web Server also provides faster response when accessing the system via a web browser. External access to the Server can be completely managed by the customer.

Quantum Online

For companies who do not have the necessary IT experience and who want a fully managed system, Kingston data Systems can host the Database and Web Server on one of our Cloud Servers. The data from the Data Collection Terminals will then be uploaded via the Internet to our server. From there the customers' authorised users can log onto the system using a secure Username and Password to access their reports.
Quantum Online is a subscription based service.