iSeries i40


Camera : 1280 x 960 px Progressive Scan
Optical Zoom : Mororised 18x
Viewing Area : 130mm x 100mm 
Strobes : 2 x Colour corrected Xenon


Manual or Motorised
Motorised 300mm/sec


Ambient temperature 0 – 40°C
Humidity < 80% non condensing


Power supply 100 – 240vac 50/60Hz OR 24vDC
Power consumption < 100W 


Opto-isolated gear and master sensor input NPN (or PNP by request)
Opto-isolated RS422 gear and master inputs for direct drive synchronisation

The iSeries i40 camera is a Dual Strobe camera suitable for wide web or for narrow web application. With rotatable camera orientation 130 x 100mm field of view and dual colour corrected xenon strobes the i40 offers excellent flat lighting and flexibility far all viewing applications. The i40 is available with a low cost manual traverse, or with a high performance variable speed motorised traverse with high torque stepper motor and micro-stepping drive .

To control the i40 camera select from one of the following, iSeries StandardiTouch or iPro software packages. 

i40 with Manual traverse

 i20 Dims

i40 with Motorised traverse