iSeries i80


Camera : 1280 x 960 px Progressive Scan
Optical Zoom : Mororised 18x
Viewing Area : 190mm x 150mm 
Strobes : 4 x Colour corrected Xenon


Manual or Motorised
Motorised 300mm/sec


Ambient temperature 0 – 40°C
Humidity < 80% non condensing


Power supply 100 – 240vac 50/60Hz OR 24vDC
Power consumption < 100W 


Opto-isolated gear and master sensor input NPN (or PNP by request)
Opto-isolated RS422 gear and master inputs for direct drive synchronisation

The iSeries i80 camera is the ideal choice for high quality wide web inspection. It provides the user with an extended 190x150mm field of view illuminated by Quad Xenon strobes. When combined with a user friendly touchscreen and iSeries iTouch or iPro software, the i80 will satisfy the most demanding inspection needs

To control the i40 camera select from one of the following, iSeries StandardiTouch or iPro software packages. 

i80 with Motorised traverse