iSeries Standard Software


The iSeries Standard Software Package offers the user a host of useful operating features to help make the task of web inspection simple and efficient.

Control of the system is achieved with an intuitive keypad that allows direct control of the most frequently used operations such as lens adjustments and and camera positioning functions, while an on-screen menu and graphical user interface provides easy access to advanced operating funtions and system settings.

Standard Features 

Register Mark Memory with Rapid Camera Reposition
Stores the position of the register mark and moves the camera back to that position at a single touch of a button.

Automatic Constant Scan Mode
Camera automatically scans the web in a controlled horizontal and vertical pattern.

Label / Copy Checking Mode
When printing multiple labels per repeat the camera steps between labels ensuring all labels are checked.

Increases the flash rate when moving thecamera, then slows down when stationary to conserve energy and prolong strobe life.

Zoom Preset Memory
Store the preferred zoom magnification and rapidly zoom to that size at any time.

Split screen
Split the screen vertically to store a reference image.

Variable speed traverse
Alter the traverse speed to suit the machine width and use rapid traversing (300m/sec) when moving to a stored register mark position.

Wide Screen or 4:3 viewing
Operate the system with widescreen or older square format monitor.

Optimum Reflective Viewing (ORV)
When viewing highly refletive or difficult substrates the camera view can be automatically adjusted to prevent unwanted reflections.

Graphical on screen display
Simple to understand graphical user interface.